We have a new phono stage preamplifier board for the SP-2B and Chameleon preamps. It drops in, connects easily and is typically wired to the “Direct” input. In the Chameleon it is wired to the PH/AUX inputs. The standard phono uses a pair of 6922 tubes with passive RIAA equalization, i.e. no feedback. It has 36dB of gain.  

A rather exotic version is seen here with Platinum resistors, BlackGate caps and superb rectifiers. As you can see from the picture it has an independent power supply and muting circuitry(muting parts not stuffed in the picture shown). That means it can also be used in a stand-alone, separate component as well. It could even be used for a custom phono stage for the experienced builder. Contact us for the “kit” price.

SP-2B & Chameleon phono stage:  $895 for the installed option with either preamplifier.

Musical Design SP-2B Phono Stage Option