SP-2B is currently out of production >>> SEE UPDATES BELOW >>>SP-3 in design phase now!

New: Latest "Special Plate" Sovtek 6922 tube, Elite & Platinum versions, too

The Musical Design SP-2B is the successor to the superb SP-1 and SP-2 preamps. Each was a well reviewed and highly regarded design. Years of painstaking research with vacuum tube circuits establishes the foundation of the SP-2B. 

The Design: An unusual, single-stage, non-feedback configuration is used. The extremely simple design with very few parts in the signal path is, in part, responsible for the purity of the SP-2B. The active gain stage is an all-tube design with a minimum of "copper on glass" signal path. The sophistication of Musical Design components is revealed in the superb detailing and transparency, that is never accompanied by harshness. The careful 'selection by ear' of all passive and active components results in breathtaking transparency and naturalness.

The Sound: The SP-2B fulfills the dream of an affordable, yet extraordinarily natural, smooth and transparent preamp. A single stage tube amplifier with no feedback opens a new world of transparent and liquid sound. The soundstage is wide, deep and open without identifiable ‘shaping’ or ‘truncation’ of lesser designs. The wide dynamic range portrays thunderous crescendos as well as the most delicate instrumental shadings. The simple, but elegant thrill of the SP-2B is that it transports you to the excitement of the live performance!

The Models: The SP-2B standard model sets high sonic standards for units that normally sell for three times the price and more. The latest Elite versions offer upgrade paths to performance levels equaling that of any high-end audio preamplifier at any price!

Suggested List Prices: 

SP-2B -

SP-2B Elite -  

You choose Black or Silver faceplate


Matched Pair of Sovtek 6922 tubes - $36

Matched Pair of Special NOS 6922 tubes -


Frequency Response: ±3dB, 0.05Hz to 160KHz

Distortion, THD: less than 0.1%, 20Hz to 20KHz, 2 volts RMS output

Tube Complement: Two 6922 dual triode

Dimensions: 19W x 12D x 3.75H, 20LB.

Teflon® is a registered trademark of E. l. DuPont

UPDATES for all SP series preamplifier models - The following are upgrades to your SP-1*/2/2B - these are not complete new products.

Standard Level Upgrade -

AND THE SOUND: You enjoy stunning dynamics while maintaining clarity, great purity and background detail at high volumes. Oh those background vocals, those micro-details emerging from the din of full orchestration, the delicacy of details along with their warmth is on full display. Enjoy sound that’s stunningly clear with sumptuous tone like the real thing.

This 1st level mod is $399 installed. >>>> As you know the SP series preamps were sold over a number of years so when we refer to “as needed” it just means that some may have various minor upgrades already.<<<<

Ultimate Level Upgrade - A more complete mod is available. It has all the improvements of the 1st level.

This is a very thorough mod with many, many new parts.   

This level upgrade is $599 installed. Compare this to the best preamps out there. You’ll be impressed.

*SP-1 preamps may require additional services to be fully up-to-date.

You may have custom preferences. For instance you might prefer your favorite RCA jacks and/or IEC socket, request new tubes, etc.

Musical Design SP-2B Tube Preamplifier