T-75 is our new 75W/CH hybrid power amplifier with 6922 SRPP tube front-end and MOSFET output devices. Each channel sports a tubed SRPP amplifier to achieve low distortion, wide bandwidth, linear/symmetrical wide voltage swing and great sound. There is no global feedback, actually no feedback at all. The sound is surprisingly solid and clean at the lowest octaves revealing an amazingly similar sound to our all solid-state version D-75C. There is a defined, clean sound in the mids and top as you might expect from tubes. The real beauty is the level of textural definition combined with a soft delicacy of the sort you might expect from a very expensive all-tube amp. Speed and delicacy in one package.

More pictures coming soon!

Musical Design T-75 power amplifier - $1795

Audio Grade electrolytic caps in front-end power supply, superbly neutral sounding coupling caps, exceptionally sweet and natural HyperFred® soft-recovery rectifier for solid-state stages, Gold/Teflon® RCA jacks, hi-current Gold binding posts, IEC power cord socket

Musical Design T-75 Elite power amplifier - $2495

Three toroid power transformers - dual-mono for the MOSFET output stage and the other for the tube driver stage, Vacuum tube rectifier for the front-end replaces solid-state rectifiers of the standard version, also includes Premium power supply caps for both MOSFET output stages, Nichicon Muse cathode capacitors provide a pure, dynamic, low-distortion quality from top to bottom, superb sounding very fast soft-recovery rectifiers offer sweetness and definition, new Rhodium binding posts and Rhodium RCA jacks offer an new clarity and spaciousness without any sense of undue emphasis, IEC socket is Rhodium-plated too.

Musical Design T-75 Hybrid Amplifier