D-150B is currently out of production - new model coming!

Upgrade your D-140/150 series amplifier - see below.

Our upgraded D-150B!

Design: The Musical Design D-150B power amplifier originates with the highly regarded D-150 series. Now there are improvements in almost every facet of the design. The newly developed front-end circuit is derived from our latest D-75C and DM-100C amplifiers, featuring Single-Ended design with LED-biased Cascode, Class-A driver stage. Power supply design is dual-mono. Main power supply has excellent sounding redesign. The new PS-200 power supply board has careful attention to layout parameters, contributing considerably to the sonics. The main chassis is fabricated from 0.09" steel and is larger making the weight greater and damping characteristics superior. The D-150B has a high-current output stage to go with the sophisticated power supply.

Sound: The D-150B drives your speakers with authoritative power and finesse. The D-150B is unshakable. Throw your most difficult passages at it and hear them reproduced with precision and clarity, without loss of cohesiveness. The dynamics are that of real life with the ability to energize the air with tangible excitement. The soundstage is solid and images remain tightly locked in place through the most exciting orchestral fireworks. Yet, for all of it's precision, the D-150B is silky, sweet and elegant throughout the musical range. When you stop to think about it, there is nothing more detailed, and yet, sweeter than live music. Listen to a D-150B today! It will make you think about how it compares to live music, instead of how it compares to other amplifiers.

D-150B Elite and Elite Ultra amplifiers are the ultimate expression. They have an exciting, extended, unfettered quality that is very much the stuff of live music. The speed and sense of power is dazzling while they remains delicate and lucid.

The D-150B is currently out of production, but will be reintroduced.

Suggested Retail Prices: 

D-150B -

D-150B Elite -

D-150B Elite Ultra -

Rated power: 150 W/ch @ 8 ohms, 20-20kHZ both channels driven, 240 W/Ch @ 4 ohms 

Distortion (THD): less than 0.03% @150W/ch(8 ohms), typically less than 0.02%, less than 0.01% @ 0.1Watt at 1kHz 

Dimensions: 19"W x 14.4"D x 5.5"H  

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Upgrade your D-140/150 Series Amplifier

Musical Design has developed the 6 Series driver boards to propel your amplifier to a sonic performance that will make you use superlatives you’ve never used before. Imagine a really fine and very neutral tube amplifier with a cleaner, tighter quality. No, don’t think a restrained or dry quality like so many solid-state amps. Don’t think about restrained dynamics. Perhaps think about that long sought blend, the best of both so to speak. But oh the majestic bass with the right amount of tautness, the sense of a wave front of energy solidly(not a mushy, rubbery wallop) propagating through the room, the right ‘bloom’, that oh so elusive ‘in the room’ quality. Think about never thinking about buying a new amp again.

Upgrade 6 Series driver boards: $795 installed

Important note: The D-140/150 series amps are aging. We have seen some of the big filter capacitors showing their age. The original power supply boards are no longer available nor are the original capacitors due to the now obsolete mounting post arrangement. The closest solution to the original setup is to use the PS-500 V2 as a replacement. Then there is the PS-200J seen on the same page with its superb Jensen four-pole capacitors. If you want to discuss the differences and possible configurations please call. Combination example below.

PS-500 V2 plus 6 series driver boards: $1195 installed.

Musical Design D-150B Power Amplifier