Digital Mods for Your Player/Transport

Musical Concepts modifies many existing CD/DVD players and DACs. We have a very decided opinion of the sound of most CD players and DACs. Ok, some are pretty good in stock form, but not so many! And they can all be improved. Our modification services have proven very popular going back to the 14-bit days, you know mid-80s, when Magnavox/Philips CD players were king. The hallmark of our modifications has always been "musicality". Musicality, sweetness and warmth are characteristics not usually associated with CD sound. If that is what you're missing, you should hear our CD player mods. 

Enigma has significant mods to the analog output stage including many new power supply caps/mods, new bypass caps, new coupling caps with bypasses, Gold/Teflon® RCA jacks and "discrete sounding" analog output amps.


Elite has all Enigma mods, plus intense mods to digital power supplies and circuits, including digital filter, demodulator and servo where applicable. 

CDT-5 Transport has highly modified digital circuitry right up to the Digital Output. It is liquid and natural sounding with its heavily damped chassis. 

Elite models are more extensive. We use Schottky rectifier diodes, Silmic II capacitors, extra high-frequency bypass caps, OFC RCA jacks and more. 

ULTRA mods are all-out assaults - we use ultra-quiet RNC and Platinum resistors, Schottky rectifier diodes, Silmic II capacitors to the max, extensive high quality bypass caps and much more!!!!! As good as our Elite mod sounds the ULTRA reveals even more fine detail and definition. I will seem to your ear to have wider bandwidth and show a superior clarity at the frequency extremes.

See terrific review of CDT-4, The Audio Adventure (May 1995). 

NOTE: Model names such as "ENIGMA", indicate a style and philosophy of modification. It does not mean that your modified CD player will look similar to or sound exactly like our retail models.

The following is a list of the available mods that can be installed into your CD player.

Modifications can be installed into most 1-bit Philips-based CD players, i.e. Marantz CD-53/63/67 ETC. and Rotel models, also Pioneer/Elite(1-bit).

Digital Modifications