Platinum Grade Resistors

For many years, we at Musical Concepts looked in vain for a resistor that was truly 'classic' in every way. Yes, along the way we heard many that were better in one way or another than the average resistors used in high-end audio products. You know the Dale, Roederstein, etc. Yet, there was always the inevitable disappointment with some aspect of the sound. Until now we took a pass on such resistors. Well, that's over now that we have the "Platinum" grade resistors. These resistors are phenomenal with true tonalities, unmatched bass power and finesse, wonderful soundstaging and mid-range tonal sophistication that is indescribable. These wonderful resistors are available in 1/2 Watt and 1 Watt ratings. Although they have 1% ratings, they are available in more traditional 2% values, i.e. 22K instead of 22.1k, etc. 

Platinum 1/2 Watt resistors are $8.00/ea, Platinum 1 Watt resistors are $9.50/ea. Additional listings and value list here soon

Audio Grade Resistors