MC-3 Preamp Circuit board

Phono, line and power supplies are on board. Make no mistake! This is a "State of the Art" sound.  Factory installation available for the PRO-10 and others. The OPS-8 listed below is always recommended, and sometimes required. Some preamps require the OPS-8(see below)


MC-3 circuit card: $299 kit(no instructions for B&K preamps(you would get very helpful Hafler install instructions though - for the most self sufficient installer)  Installation is $175.  

Important Note: tone controls/filters are eliminated.

For  greater clarity, transparency and naturalness of Elite versions, add $125 for Line Stage/Power Supply - ( Elite includes OPS-8 or PRO-10 outboard power supply tweaks ), Add $75 extra for Phono stage Elite mods.

Preamplifier Options

OPS-4B, OPS-8 Outboard Power Supply

OPS-8 is for Hafler is the outboard power supply used with the MC-3. It has twin +30VDC and twin -30VDC output. OPS-8 is dual-mono and required for MC-3 circuit board, but PRO-10 outboard power supply can be used. OPS-8 is equipped with a large toroid transformer and 40,000mfd of capacitance. 

This power supply is large enough for a small power amplifier!!!!!!!!

OPS-4B: $249 kit (built and tested) with shielded output cable. Installation $45.00. 

OPS-8: $299 kit (built and tested) with shielded output cable. Installation:$45.00

B&K Preamplifier Modifications