What's new for 2007

WELL IT'S HERE............... the time when we have to announce that SOME Platinum Ultra mods are no longer available. Availability of the BlackGate "big cans" is nil so the power amplifier mods are not available in current form though we continue to work on alternatives. (11-23-07)

WE'VE RECEIVED A NOTE FROM BLACKGATE............... to let us know that some parts are already out of stock. Fortunately only a few of the parts we stock and use are on the list, but that list is growing. Kiss those famous 100uF + 100uF/500V beauties good-bye, for instance. They imply that the final orders must be placed by the last day of August. If you've been waiting "Crunch Time" is here. (08-07-07)

Also kiss good-bye the 10,000uF parts in 100V, 80V and 63V. (11-23-07)

IT'S A BIRD IT'S A PLANE - no it's our phono stage. 

It's hard for you to believe we are making progress on something such is our glacial pace, but check this out. Here is a near production prototype of our phono stage that will be offered as an add-on for the Musical Design SP-2B(pictured) and also as a stand alone product. SP-2B is missing the faceplate and three knobs in the pic - sorry, nothing's perfect. (04-11-07)