What's new for 2005

WE ARE ACQUIRING A PIONEER DV-285-S............ to investigate as an inexpensive modified CD player offering. The price would be $299 or less. Affordability is key with the product.  We think it is a good thing that it only has one pair of R/L outputs and not the triple DACs with multi-channel outputs like many other DVD units. The multi-channel capability is passed out via the digital output - simplicity is good!! It lacks universal compatibility, i.e. SACD and DVD-Audio compatibility which is probably another good thing if your opinion of these formats is similar to ours. It is very basic in control features, but we suspect more flexibility can be accessed with the remote as with almost all other players. While 90% of our customers use our players only for CD audio playback, it does have a 12-bit, 108MHz video DAC so the video looks hopeful, no pun intended. We hope it's a real diamond in the rough!!! Stay tuned here!(11-04-05)


THE LONG, LONG AGO ANNOUNCEMENT........... of a price increase for the PA-3C boards in the various versions has arrived on Nov. 1. New price is $329 kit and $459/installed. All versions except Platinum have gone up $30. If your unit is currently here on premises awaiting modification or in transit you'll get the old price. (11-02-05)


NEWS ON BLACKGATES..... we have recently been able to purchase some more BlackGates but we were told that some we wanted were already gone or in low supply. The era is ending and our sales have been brisk. Now is the time to think about these absolutely peerless caps if you ever intend to use them. (10-28-05)


PA-3C IS ABOUT TO DEBUT......... Fear not those of you who have the PA-3B, there's really no need to change to the new board. We have added a coupling cap position to the board, adaptable to a wide range of caps, and done some other "housekeeping" work on the original PA-3B. When you're so happy with a design then why change more than needed? Signature and Platinum versions will remain available as long as possible. Take advantage of the introductory offer, of $299/kit, until November 1, 2005 (08-10-05)

UPDATE - We've changed our tune a bit on the PA-3C board since we now have one burned in for nearly a week. We neglected to mention in the above posting that the layout is different to accommodate the new coupling cap and we have added a "shield plane" to the component side of the board. The shield plane would reduce component interaction and thwart any UHF noise. These changes have produce an improved sound which we did not anticipate. We've noticed a greater sense of location, focus and a sense of unfettered reproduction with more minute detail intact. This is, of course, to our ears and we will need to have about two more weeks on the unit until it is completely burned in, but to say we're happy with the PA-3C would be an understatement. (08-19-05)

UPDATE AGAIN ........ After the break-in period the boards are even better. Purchasers are waxing ecstatic over the sound. 


WHILE WE'RE ON THE SUBJECT OF PA-3Bs........ it is important to note that versions of the amp boards over about 9 months old are not entirely up to date. A small change to the boards made a world of difference. It was a stunning update. Updating mostly up to date PA-3B modified amps costs $95, early versions of the boards need a lot more change, they cost $195, and conversion of PA-3 boards to latest PA-3B circuitry costs the same. (08-10-05)


BLACKGATE CAPACITORS........ will remain in production at the Rubycon plant for a limited time only. Last orders have to be in this week. The worldwide distributor felt that they had renegotiated a contract for "several more years" of production, but alas, negotiations fell through. They're still negotiating but it doesn't look good. We're sad indeed! It's bad, bad news! There's no replacement for the best.  We have something up our sleeve on that issue though.  P.S. if you have what you believe to be a candidate replacement cap for these please let us know. (08-10-05)